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    Statement for the New Issues


  In 1972, former President Wei Han, PhD, addressed the first issue of the Chung Yuan Journal, "Chung Yuan Journal accumulates the fruits of people at Chung Yuan for their academic research and their modest contribution in academia. Chung Yuan was established 17 years ago and still is a young and tender seedling, needing cultivation and pruning. By this Journal, we would like to openly present it to the experts and academia and seek their criticism and guidance. It is our sincere wish that this seedling can grow and bear abundant fruits."

  Chung Yuan Journal published its first annual issue from 1972 to 1993 (Volumes 1 to 22). In 1994, it skipped for one year and resumed publication on a quarterly basis since 1995 (Volume 23). It published in the areas of nature, science, and technological in March and September each year; humanity and society in June and December. On April 18, 2005, as a result of the decision made in the 811th Administrative Meeting of the University, the direction of the Journal was set to be the professional one nationwide, with the expectation that in the near future it upgrades to a high-caliber international journal.

  From Chung Yuan Christian Institute of Science and Technology to Chung Yuan Christian University, the Chung Yuan Journal recorded numerous academic research results of the faculty and students in the University for 34 years, reflecting the history of enhancement of the R&D capabilities of the University. Chung Yuan Journal is indeed the most important milestone for the accomplishment in research for the University.

  We are reluctant to see the discontinuation of the Chung Yuan Journal. Even though it became part of the history, a new Journal is formed and will be bearing fruits continually. In the future, it will ferment actively and, with the birth of Journal of Advanced Engineering, it will shine brightly in many years to come.

Editorial Board, Journal of Advanced Engineering
July 2006